Steven Horowitz - patent infringement, infringement cases, trademark litigation, copyright litigation
Steven Horowitz - patent infringement, infringement cases, trademark litigation, copyright litigation


Patent Infringement Litigation:

In addition to securing our clients’ patent, trademark and copyright rights, we enforce those rights against infringers and fend off infringement challenges, if necessary. Examples of some noteworthy litigation achievements are provided below:

Steven Horowitz, Esq. successfully defended a health and beauty aid company in a 2007-2008 patent infringement litigation in the Southern District of New York involving a mechanical device. Although the company’s exposure was in the millions of dollars, the case settled for a tiny fraction of that amount after a period of discovery.

Steven Horowitz, Esq. successfully represented a national consumer products company as a defendant in patent Infringement litigation. We prepared and filed a motion for summary judgment explaining why the patent was not infringed upon and the patent infringement litigation was settled on extremely favorable grounds - with my client, the defendant, paying absolutely no money or agreeing to any other relief for plaintiff.

Steven Horowitz, Esq. filed suit in 1994 in NY State Supreme Court to successfully restore ownership of a client's worldwide patent rights from the client's business partner and, after conducting discovery, obtained a settlement granting complete ownership of all patent rights in all countries.

Trademark Litigation:

Steven Horowitz, Esq. was interviewed on Bloomberg TV concerning his representation of two defendants in a trademark litigation in the Eastern District of New York involving diabetic test strips alleged to be counterfeit.  For more information concerning the case, which was brought by a national consumer products company, see August 16, 2007 article at www. by Alan Frank.

In April 2005, Steven Horowitz, Esq. successfully represented a distributor of a national leading brand of office products, in an arbitration proceeding. This stemmed from the distributor’s registration and use of domain names that were alleged to contain the brand’s trademark. The proceeding, brought under ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Rules and Policy sought to force the registrar of the domain names to transfer the domain names to the owner of the leading brand name. After presentation of evidence, the Arbitration forum denied the owner of the leading brand the remedy it requested, allowing the domain names to remain with the distributor.

My firm has successfully represented companies in a variety of industries on both the plaintiff and defendant side in numerous trademark litigation and trade dress infringement actions in federal district courts.

For example, in 2000, Cuisine De France, Inc. v. Cuisine De France, Inc. 00 CV 1161 (RCC) my firm filed a trademark infringement action in federal district court in New York against an international corporation. My client was awarded a significant sum as part of the settlement.

My firm represented a trademark applicant and prevailed against General Electric, the owner of one of the world’s most famous trademarks when GE filed an opposition proceeding against my client’s trademark application. We conducted discovery from GE and forced it to drop the opposition proceeding with no money paid and no concessions made.

Copyright Litigation:

Steven Horowitz, Esq. has successfully represented copyright clients in federal litigation in a variety of contexts and industries including literary works, knitwear, housewares, jewelry and others.

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